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Our blends

The origin of coffees we use in our blends

Even if it is the arabica variety that has long dominated the whole world of consumption, robusta has come to change consumer habits, making it possible to choose between a strong coffee loaded with caffeine (robusta) and a coffee. more aromatic and less bitter (arabica).

The secret is to find the right balance and combine the characteristics of different coffees in order to find the perfect combination of cream, aroma, taste, acidity and bitterness.

At Flaronis, the blends used for our coffee are passed down from father to son and mainly use coffees from the following origins:

Arabica Brazil

It is renowned for its very low acidity and sweetness. It is generally not very powerful (unless its roasting is pushed). There are also notes pulling towards nuts. This is a coffee that will give you a lot of body.

Arabica Colombia

It is smooth, round and very well balanced. You will never have a feeling of bitterness or sourness. It presents aromatic notes of cherry and cocoa, but also honey and caramel.

Arabica Honduras

It offers a good Arabica, with a pleasant aroma, good acidity, but a slight lack of body. It is ideal for mixtures. The region is located in the west of Honduras, on the border with Guatemala

Arabica Peru

It offers a good balance, a fine acidity, a moderate body and nice notes of nuts, almonds and cocoa. This "coffee" is a rediscovery and it is also one of the best.

Arabica Guatemala

All grains from Guatemala have a spicy, chocolatey aroma. This Central American coffee thus succeeds in producing a full-bodied and harmonious coffee. Overall, guatemalan coffee appeals with its well-structured body and moderate acidity.

Robusta Vietnam

The Robusta beans from Vietnam are known to be very high in caffeine and are therefore a perfect drink when you want a tonic effect with your coffee. the robusta bean is also quite bitter.

Arabica India

Generally Indian coffee is mild and tasty with little acidity

Arabica Ethiopia

Complex coffee with fine and sweet acidity, with notes of chocolate, wine or spices. It is also fruity and floral.